Wooden House Resort Provides Luxurious Countryside Experience in Ancient Villages of the Former Capital Hariharalay


Siem Reap: Ancient wooden houses, fields in a quiet natural environment, comfortable, can be the dream of people, especially tourists Foreigners who want to experience living in a rural area in a luxurious way. Only luxury traditional houses up to 1 village that highlights the beautiful scenery and is surrounded by moats around Boeung Chhouk Cool plants and fields, as well as a private swimming pool. Just 2 km from Bakong Temple, Mane Hariralay Ancient Khmer House offers natural relaxation, fresh air and escape. From the noise with the calm of the tide and the rice fields. “People are starting to get tired of high-rise buildings, the noise, the noise,” Ke Mane, owner of Mane Harihara Resort, told the Post. All kinds of things that make us run to nature to share our grief for health and longevity. If foreign visitors are interested in high-rise buildings, they will definitely go to Singapore, Japan or European countries. But if he decides to choose Siem Reap, he will know that Siem Reap is not allowed to build tall buildings . “They definitely need tranquility, cultural and historical tourism.”.

Sitting down to have a romantic breakfast alone, a Venezuelan couple came together to celebrate their birthday in a beautiful atmosphere. Nature, farmland, for the first time in my life. “I feel great for us,” said Yoraima Petter, a dermatologist. At first, I wanted to give my husband a place with the best atmosphere as a gift for his birthday. ” Ciro Izarra, Regional Executive Director living in Singapore, talks to each other in a show of sweetness. “This is a special gift from my wife. He gave me four nights to live in a clean environment. We celebrated our birthday peacefully. “It’s a great place.” “This is the first time I have come to Cambodia. I saw this hotel on the internet and I saw that it is the most beautiful place in the region. So we decided to come here. We like the beauty of nature and the architecture of ancient wooden houses. ” Born in 1982 into an entrepreneurial family, Kimane graduated with a degree in Accounting and Law and has been involved in microfinance with Mother. Soon, with a passion for traveling around the world, the four-year-old brought with her experience and knowledge. Hospitality Inaugurated the first Mane Boutique Hotel and Spa in 2015.

After the successful opening of the first hotel in Siem Reap, Ms. Kee Mane continued to add this Khmer brand continuously until Resort Mane Hariharalai was the sixth branch in mid-August. Mane Hariharalay covers an area of ​​up to 7 hectares, a luxurious village with 34 luxury wooden houses. Plants grow and grow around Boeung Chhouk, rice fields and large ponds, highlighting a small wooden island. ⁇. True history and a great miracle Mane Hariharalaya is located on the site of the ancient capital of 802 during the reign of King Jayavarman. Second, who won the war and occupied the Tonle Sap Lake. “Mane is my personal name, which is registered as a company and is a private company,” she told the Post. Used in the first hotel since 2015. Mane is currently a consortium of seven different hotels. The main purpose is to create a Cambodian Hospitality on the concept of a mother of four for general guests and families. ” The mother of four continued: “We aim to promote the name of the Khmer brand not only in the country, but we Will also expand overseas branches. For the past five years, we have expanded to seven branches and we plan to open in France and Japan. With the intention of impressing guests staying in luxury wooden houses, traditional images from the past more than 1,200 years ago Hariharalaya The “land of God” in Brahmanism, which means “Vishnu” and “Hara” is Shiva.

Dressed in a traditional flow dress, Sam Suon, a Cambodian woman, said: “Hariharalai is the former capital of Tang From the reign of King Jayavarman II in the 9th century, pre-Angkorian period. He built three temples, Bakong Rolay and Preah Ko, about 2 kilometers from our resort. “We want to remind our Khmer Empire of the past that the temples were all surrounded by moats,” she said. All around. When guests enter the resort, they feel like they have stepped into a quiet world, and foreign guests will Gain experience with our Khmer house, our Khmer culture, our construction. ” No matter how much you want to bring your guests back to the past, luxury and comfort are the main points that Mane Hari Hall offers. Give guests not to be offended. “Originally, we wanted national and international tourists to get to know the ancient Khmer houses built in a modern style,” said Mane. Originally, based on the opinions of guests and our own experience, we also decided to equip more modern facilities and equipment. The traditional house aims to meet the needs of today’s guests.

She continued: “Our resort is different from other Khmer houses made of luxury wood and inside the house. We are equipped with modern facilities such as bathrooms, bedrooms and other appliances. In terms of the environment, it is like we lived in an ancient village from 1,200 years ago during the reign of Jayavarman II. Mothers from Phnom Penh with their group, happily taking their children on two vertical bicycles under each house through the village A large family, who asked not to be named, said with a smile: “This kind of Khmer house break is also good. . It is quiet and comfortable with rice paddies, water fields and cool trees. “Most of the time I spend here because my kids like to ride bikes, ducks, swim and relax.” For the second time, more than two months after the opening of Mane Hariharalay Resort, women who are addicted to traditional wooden houses have never received Experience living in a traditional wooden house in the countryside, she seems to feel different with a clean atmosphere, clear face. “I feel like there are only bicycles and trams in the whole resort village,” she told the Post. That seems to be in the classic movie scene. Ms. Mane, who travels from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap often in charge of multi-branch business, continued: “For our food Focus on Khmer food where the ingredients come from around the house without chemicals.

With the experience of opening many hospitality services, she solved the question that this luxury resort has only local staff. “I am proud to be a Cambodian born on Cambodian soil,” he said. I am happy to start a business that provides jobs for Cambodian children and facilitates their livelihoods. We have a team with experience and ability to lead and continue to train the next generation. “Some of them have just graduated and are good at English, but they are not able to continue their education,” she said. . Thus, he can work part-time and study part-time to be able to pay school fees. If he does a good job, he can be promoted to management level. For this hospitality skill, they learn from each other, starting from the lower class, learning from the upper class until they go up. Higher. Most of them are citizens living in Siem Reap. ” Ms. Kee Mane said that a traditional Khmer house for $ 277 per night can welcome two adults and two children. From November, December, January and February, prices will increase to $ 377, including breakfast, lunch, airport transfers, bus stops and services. Travel from the hotel to the Old Market, including snacks, desserts and other Khmer cakes. Hariharalay Resort is 2 km from Bakong Temple and about 14 km from Angkor Wat or 10 km from Pub Street. For more information, please visit the Facebook page @manehariharalaya or 063 211 777.

Credit: Phnom Penh Post