Wat Kor Guesthouse, a traditional Khmer luxury house style, Angelina Jolie comes again and again

Battambang: Guests can sit and take pictures at the venue of the top Hollywood movie stars used to do a few years ago on Kyushu Enter Srah Chhouk in Wat Kor Guesthouse, located 800 meters from Battambang city. Actress Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband Brad Pitt with the owner of the pagoda and two staff members are hanging on the wall in the lobby and In front of the room where they used to stay. Kim Nou, the owner of Wat Kor, which opened in 2013, pointed to the basement of a traditional Khmer house: “He [Angelina Jolie] came to stay here for 10 days while filming ‘Before the Khmer Rouge killed his father “I” in 2016 with my ex-husband, who is also a Hollywood actor, Brett Pitt. Tranquility, traditional Khmer style house, combined with beautiful environment, no fences, blindfold the neighbors. Attracted Hollywood superstars to come here again and again.
Located on half a hectare of land, Wat Kor Guesthouse, located not far from Wat Kor Shrine, offers a unique accommodation experience. Khmer people are comfortable and eat Khmer food which is prepared as a western style, especially the maintenance Khmer traditional house style to remain stable Kong Vong. The lodge has no on-site parking, and the entire yard is used for small plant decorations. Large ponds, ancient wooden boats, bicycles, fishing gear, modern ponds and houses made of large wooden planks Sky to please guests who love the natural environment. His passion for hospitality and tourism led the alumni of the School of Technology to start a business. Tour company in collaboration with French partner to open a pagoda in 2013 based on the concept of service Real natural hospitality, respect for local culture and environment.

Kim Nou, who has many years of experience in the tourism industry, told the Post: “Currently, we can build three houses: a closed house. Kangdang House and Khmer House, and we will build two more houses that will be launched this September: Rong Doul House and Rong Duong House. ” Seeing the uniqueness of ancient Khmer architecture, he said: “If we build what The same characteristics in other countries, it will not be interesting. “So we do our own thing, but we create a slightly more comfortable atmosphere, like a nice bathroom.” Slightly French-hybrid Khmer cuisine with a separate set to display Khmer cuisine The form of eating habits of tourists. The set meal, which changes frequently every day, as does the set, includes boiled chicken, pickles, beef, amok, fish and dessert. It costs $ 12 per person.

Sitting in a restaurant near the pond, Kim Nou continued: “We do not adjust the taste to suit the guests. . Obviously, if this soup has prahok, we have to pay for real prahok so that they know how good Khmer food tastes. Somehow, because many restaurants that cook for tourists, most chefs worry guests can not eat. But when it comes to what they used to eat, they like our food. ” In addition to providing the experience of staying in a traditional Khmer house and tasting food, the real owner of this pagoda also has Aims to preserve the traditional Khmer house style left over from ancient ancestors. Kim Nou said: “When I did this, the villagers came in and said it was clean and I responded. That, in fact, his house is more beautiful than my house. I want to inspire them to take care of these traditional houses. ” He added: “We also want to show how our hospitality is Khmer. We are not like standard left-wing catering like five-star hotels and restaurants. We follow our Khmer style. The staff communicates with guests in a friendly way to make them feel at home. ” Opened for 6 years, Wat Kor Hotel welcomes Hollywood stars twice, once during Jolie Filmed a large-scale film about the Khmer Rouge, and again a few months ago, when Maddox’s foster mother came to film Trade for a French perfume company.

The owner of Wat Kor, which provides luxury Khmer-style accommodation, continued: “Last April, he came Spot sports for the French perfume business. He came as a team, including photographers from France and Hollywood. But at that time he did not stay here, only his entire team stayed here. He stayed at his house in Samlot Chas. Kim Nou expects the Hollywood superstar, who is one of his home moms, to come to this Khmer-style residence on the occasion. Later. Spacious living room with extra luxury furnishings and custom wood furniture ranges from $ 120 to $ 180 per night. . Wat Kor Guesthouse is located 800 meters from Battambang City on Wat Kor Road or contact by email [email protected] or visit Website http://www.maisonswatkor.com/.
Credit: Phnom Penh Post