Vietnam captures literary tourism


Hanoi: Hue has long been considered the land of art, culture, literature and poetry in Vietnam, as well as the birthplace of famous poets. In the history of this country. In a meeting between tourism workers and writers, they believe that Hue has great potential to use literature as an attraction. Tourists. Travel agencies have begun offering travel packages linked to narrative poems by city-born poets. Hue. Tran Guangzhou, Director of Huetourist Travel Agency, said: “Our company has organized a five-day tour to the royal tombs, palaces and The traditional house has a garden, a natural pool, according to the translated text. Hao said that his successful tour guide can recite beautiful phrases of poetry about Hue. “Tourists love to hear poems about stone carvings at Huyen Khong Son Thuong Monastery,” said the director of the travel agency. “Very much.” “So we think using Hue literature to design a tour package is a good idea, and we Can also create a unique tourism product. Hue was also the birthplace of famous historians such as Nguyen Du (1766-1820), poet Cao Bacquat (1809-1855) and Phan Bui Zhao (1867-1940).

At the same time, the records of previous royal dynasties also have a talent for writing and writing. Author Ho Dang Thanh Ngoc advocates: “If we organize travel packages linked to good literary works, we can not only attract “Not only tourists, but also memories of our culture and history.” In particular, author Levu Truong Yang noted that tourism, literature, art is pretty attractive in the world, but only people There is a real passion that is interested in this. “As long as you love literature and have a similar cultural background, they will be interested in buying such a package,” he said. It is also not easy to take guests to see the tourist destinations mentioned in the famous poems. Despite the abundance of literary texts and poems, advertising to tourists is still limited. Those destinations are also asked to include sculptures, literary texts with the names of the authors and dates. The mountainous area of ​​Hue has also been proposed for an exhibition of poetry and literature on the city and Vietnamese culture in addition to performances. Arts and cultural entertainment activities for the public. “This idea is possible and I will discuss with investors to implement the project,” said Le Humin, acting director of the Department of Tourism. “Tourism.”.

Credit: Phnom Penh Post