The new long bridge across the water to the central temple of Srah Srang is very beautiful


Kandal Srah Srong Temple, located in the historical territory of the Angkorian Empire, was inaugurated on the morning of February 22, 2021 under the high presidency of Lok Chumteav Kittisangkhab Dr. Men Sam An.

Originally, the temple was in the form of a landslide, but recently the APSARA Authority cooperated with a private company to rebuild the central temple of Srah Srang and open to the public from February 22. 2021 onwards.

Not only that, through the pictures in the inauguration ceremony of Prasat Kandal Srah Srang, it shows the greatness of the temple that used to fall to the ground and can stand up straight in the middle of Srah Srang in Angkor. In addition, there is a long bridge connecting the pond to the temple to make it easier for people to travel to this important historical site.

credit by popular magazine