One-kilometer dam road enhances tourism potential of Phnom Damrey area


Kampot: It is not a steep cliff in the Hallelujah Mountain area of ​​the Avatar Hollywood movie. The rocky mountains cover the greenery. The top is about 100 meters high, facing northwest, standing next to a large reservoir for irrigating crops. Residents of Kampong Trach in Sambor Phnom Thmor area are becoming more and more attractive to tourists because of the dam road 1,200 meters long. For centuries, Phnom Domrei was isolated, with the western half bordering the water source and the other half adjacent. Rice fields, rice fields, although Phnom Damrey is not far from the historical resort of Phnom Kampong Trach, only about 7 km . Recently, with the posting of attractive pictures on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, Phnom Damrey is located in O’Rolous village, commune. The northern part of Kampong Trach district has been eager for social media users to come and meet us. With a description of the construction of the road at the foot of the Elephant Mountain, 1,200 meters long, with a beautiful picture of the mountain. The elephant is located almost 50 km north of Kampot. The post from November last year attracted more likes. 1,000 times and shared more than 700 times. One of the social media users who saw the beautiful view of Phnom Damrey, Beach Srey Oun is also a resident of the village Neighbors crawled to the Elephant Mountain in amazement at an attractive location not far from their home.

A 19-year-old student in the 12th grade at Preah Bida Cheat High School told the Post: “I am a resident here, but It is not known when the road was built. Previously, there was no trail at the foot of this mountain. Ever since I saw it posted on Facebook, I have been surprised and come to visit and take photos here twice. . Miss Beach Srey Oun, who brought her sister and another young nephew to take photos on the back of the dam next to Phnom Damrey When studying, capture the beautiful scenery of the new tourist area in your hometown, show off to friends twice Gone. The young woman from O’Sleng village, Damnak Kantuot commune, said: “When I was filming, a friend on Facebook asked me where I was. . Afternoon is the most beautiful time to shoot, with a view of the water surface reflecting the foot of the mountain, while in the morning, flowers and water hyacinth Rik Skus Skay is also beautiful. Seeing another new tourism potential for Kampot, the Department of Tourism has been cooperating with local authorities and people from Possibility to create a natural resort area to officially welcome tourists.

Soy Sanol, director of the Kampot provincial tourism department, told the Post: “We are studying and collaborating with the community on the possibility of Prepared because it is too new and we look at the entrance. Now we are fine and we do not dare to advertise much. “We are looking at how much we should do.” Regarding the history of Phnom Damrey, the director of the Department of Tourism still does not have any information about the story of Phnom Damrey, which stretches in the middle of the field. Sre people of Kampong Trach district. “I’m not very clear about this because in the past we have not studied this mountain,” he said. No. When the dam is restored, we see that it is beautiful and attractive. I do not have any documents because they are too new. I used to study the ancient houses of many people in the area. He claims that the new road that attracts social media users is the old dam that needs to be restored to prevent leaks. Water. According to the Facebook page of the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology: “View of the 1,200-meter-long dam at the foot of the Elephant Mountain Constructed by the Engineering Department of the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology in Damnak Kantuot North commune, Kampong Trach district, Kampot province.

Credit: Phnom Penh Post