On the small island of Seychelles, Seattle Suthep nature is willing to limit the number of guests


Victoria: Scratch marks on the white sands of the Mahayana island, the sound of barbecue roaring from the stove. Seychelles, Naren, Krep, Ram, and Coca-Cola after a break from a luxury cruise ship. Her family spent the weekend on the beach, where the couple dipped their feet into the clear water in the distance as tourists. Only one group of foreigners. “We do not see many tourists in Seychelles,” said Naren, 32, who asked not to be named. And that’s great. ” After all, like most people, she earns more than 60 percent of Seattle’s economic growth. Only in Africa is it ranked as a high-income country by the World Bank.

About 115 archipelagos in the Indian Ocean are known as popular tourist destinations on Instagram and have earned the title of Popular honeymoon cake. The number of special tourists from Europe almost doubled in a decade to about 360,000 in 2018, which Nearly four times the total population. But now, Seychel is weighing the potential for hospitality and conserving the environment. On remote islands, Seychelles implemented the “One Island, One Resort” policy. “It’s controlling the number of tourists coming here by controlling the number of rooms in the hotel,” Tourism Minister Didier Dugler told AFP. Existing.

The tourism minister says Seychelles has 6,000-room hotels, but another 3,000 are under construction ahead of a policy to limit the number of rooms. Nearly half of the country’s 455-square-kilometer area has been designated as a protected area by small structures built along the coast. The forest. “I really do not want to hurt my eyes like on a flooded European coast,” said Nimal, executive director of the environmental organization Nature Seychelles. With umbrellas and concrete buildings. ”.

Credit: Phnom Penh Post