Mt. Fuji does not welcome tourists this summer


TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji will be closed during the mountaineering season, officials said on Monday. This year to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Shizuoka prefecture, home to Mount Fuji, has announced that it has closed three of the four main roads leading to the summit. “Roads are always open for summer vacations, but this year we will close all of them,” a Shizuoka official told AFP. “From July 10 to September 10 is the best time to climb Mt. Fuji.” “We choose to block this road to prevent a global epidemic,” the official said. . This is the first time a 3,776-meter-long volcano has been closed since 1960, when the province began building roads.

The decision comes after the neighboring province of Yamanashi announced it would block Yoshida Road as a hiking trail. The most popular of the four mountain trails. The school on the way up the mountain will continue to close as well. Mount Fuji, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is 100 km from Tokyo and has a clear view of the city. The Japanese. Last year, Mount Fuji welcomed about 236,000 visitors, according to the official Mount Fuji website. Despite the magnificence of Mount Fuji, many climbers have complained about the climbing experience. Directly by accusing the presence of many people and difficult terrain.

This difficulty is why a Japanese proverb says, “If you do not climb Mt. Fuji once, you are a firefighter. And. But if you go up twice, you are also a firefighter. ” Coronavirus outbreaks in Japan are lower than in Europe and the United States, with more than 16,000 people infected and 749 infected. People are dead. Last week, Japan lifted the state of emergency ban imposed in many parts of the country, but maintained it. For some big cities like Tokyo and Osaka.

Credit: Postkhmer