In Mondulkiri Cambodia, we have arrived and are very refreshed


Mondulkiri, a land covered by forests, mountains, rocks and cold weather in all seasons, is a place that everyone aspires to. This northeastern region is rich in beautiful natural resorts, countless places, including waterfalls, streams, forests, mountains, grasslands and so on. After all, have you ever been to Sea Forest Resort Mondulkiri?

Sea Forest Resort is one of the most beautiful places to stay, surrounded by natural green forests. There are real Khmer style houses built next to the stream and the most suitable place for camping for those who want to build sweetness with couples, increase intimacy with family and build memories with friends.

In addition to the comfortable and comfortable lodges, there are other recreational areas such as: a variety of bird parks such as ostriches, eagles (peacocks), love bridges, children’s parks, sky bars at tree streets For cycling, vegetables for tourists to pick or cut yourself.

Recently, the famous actor Kong Chansrom and her husband went to visit the sea of trees in Mondulkiri province and showed a lot of pictures that are very attractive. The location is in Laoka village, Sangkat Sokdom, Sen Monorom city, Mondulkiri province.

Credit: Popular Magazine