Hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts share their experiences while climbing Samkos, the second highest mountain in Cambodia Cambodia


Pursat Province: Recently, Mr. So Sokhalay and a group of friends who like to go hiking and mountaineering went on an adventure Hiking in the highlands in the country, he went last weekend Climbing Sam Kos Mountain in Veal Veng District, Pursat Province is the second highest mountain in Cambodia after Phnom Oral is located in Kampong Speu province. So Sokhalay, a 40-year-old man who used to set a personal record for cross-ASEAN motorcycling by finishing the counter Motorcycle No. 4,474 km in Cambodia after leaving the counter number zero in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2017 Describes the experience of hiking and mountaineering, the second highest level in Cambodia, with Smart Hiking (you Guide: “Adventure in the Kram Thmor forest to capture the light green or green landscape in the dense forest and The top of the mountain is really a way to spend less money and more benefits to physical and mental health, especially the creation Personal records. Seasonal transportation arrangements, guides, equipment, food, camping locations are important things to consider in order to Let your journey be safe and in immortal memory. Phnom Samkos is not very famous, many people have climbed, although there are traces or clues of old roads. Easily lost, lost, and abundant. But if you have climbed the Oral Mountains, you will not have a hard time climbing this mountain, but you and your team leader must be prepared. Good to travel smoothly and save time.

He also told the time from the time of departure to the top of Phnom Samkos: “After Have breakfast in the morning at Bong Heng’s house in Chheu Teal Chrum village and then at 6 am motodup Riding for one person costs 120,000 Riel to take us out to ride through O Prey Dey Tuol for about 1 hour to reach the point One that the motodup could not go on anymore. From the motodup drop us down to the camp is about 5 km, we walk about 2 or A three-hour trek through dense forest and bamboo forest and crossing the Elephant Trail is where the herd of elephants often roam and lick. Old salty soil (salty soil), then we have to arrange accommodation, hammock and eat Lunch at 12:30 and then continue to the top of Phnom Samkos is a rich forest and A safe haven for ducks or leopards between 2 and 3 pm with a stone and a sign From the previous climbers and some incense sticks and return to the camp site at 7 pm.
This adventurer also tells about the preparation of materials or food for climbing Samkos: “Dry food It is a good choice, while cereals and beverages such as Pocari Sweat add energy to the climb. Not sweating, rain clothes should also be considered. Good quality shoes and thick socks, gloves, hats and crutches. Medical supplies and first aid kits should be prepared on a regular basis. How to prevent ducks from using Huy powder on their body and also having a Royal D powder package to prevent dehydration is correct There is always! ”.
Credit: Phnom Penh Post