Harbin Ice Palace attracts millions of visitors


BEIJING: China’s annual ice festival in Harbin has started with a couple getting married in the style of ice snow. With a group of swimmers, Soeung dared to take a cold bath and the ice palace shone beautifully. Fireworks on the Vehas show the opening of the festival on Sunday night as tourists visit the Ice Palace in the city. Northeast. Early in the morning, 43 bridesmaids dressed in wedding veils and winter coats lined up with the groom to attend the snow and ice wedding.

How many brave people dive into the carved water on the Songhua River on the day of the low temperature celebration -7 degrees Celsius even in the afternoon. This year’s Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival in Heilongjiang Province uses 170,000 cubic meters of ice collected from the Songhua River. More than 100 workers. Workers work long hours on the ice every day for weeks before the festival begins. Cut several slices of ice every 12 hours.

The Harbin festival, which features a glacial ice palace and many other ice scenes, has attracted millions of tourists over time. This year, visiting the Harbin Snow Palace. China is working to promote snow and ice tourism ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. A boulevard is under construction between Beijing, a city in northern Hebei Province that will host winter events. Also, while a high-speed rail line is connecting the two cities, which opened on December 30. China expects 340 million tourists to visit snow and ice destinations in winter 2021-2022, up 224 million From 2018-2019. This is according to Xinhua published on Monday.

Credit: Phnom Penh Post