Get to know the 6 most beautiful flower plantations in Cambodia


Cambodia is a country rich in tourist attractions such as the sea, mountains and tourist attractions in the area with many flower gardens. Today, for those who love flowers, “ People” will introduce you to 6 beautiful flower plantations that are not inferior to foreigners. The plantations are:

1. Flower garden and lorry near Teuk Cha

If you turn around from Phnom Penh, about 100 km along National Road 6, turn right in the forest, at a small roundabout, turn right and you will reach the flower garden and lorry near the waterfront, where there is a garden Beautiful flowers allow us to walk around or take a lorry ride to soak up the fresh air mixed with the scent of flowers and the tens of thousands of fish raised under the food pantry.

2. Flower shop and cake shop (La Esvin)

This plantation will be open for tourists to take photos at the end of December and to serve fans who want to take pre-wedding photos and flower lovers. It should also be noted that this plantation is 500 meters from the roundabout to the north, near Por Vong market, Battambang province.

3. Veil flower plantation at the foot of Phnom SampovĀ 

At the foot of Phnom Sampov in Banan district, Battambang province, in the autumn, colorful flowers are blooming, waiting for tourists to take photos with them at the plantation at the foot of Phnom Sampov. There, thousands of veiled flowers are blooming, combined with the scenery at the foot of Phnom Sampov, creating a spectacular natural spectacle that is making fans want to visit, take photos, relax and breathe in the natural air. With the scent of flowers to forget all the sorrows of life.

4. Yellow flower plantation in Kampong Speu

On the way to Chreav waterfall in Orda village, Omlaing commune, Thpong district, Kampong Speu province, only about 50 km from Chamkar Pka Loeung provincial town Became the most popular location, attracting thousands of tourists to visit because of the spring, yellow flowers, beautiful beauty, stretched at the foot of the mountain, really beautiful, incomparable.

5. Sunflower and veil plantation in Tbong Khmum province

This sprawling plantation has become the most attractive place for young people and tourists to take photos, enjoy and admire the beauty of the flowers, the fragrance, to relieve all worries. Due to the orderly planting, the landscape is as pictured as in the painting, making young and old men and women, young and old, come to visit the floodplain. To get there, you have to travel down from the east side of Kizuna Bridge on the concrete road for 6 km, close to Wat Chirot Bot A little right hand will get there.

6. Beautiful pink flowers in Banteay Srei district

If you are traveling to Banteay Srei district, Siem Reap province, do not forget to take photos at Chamka Phka in Khun Ream commune, it is really beautiful. What makes the place stand out more like a painting is surrounded by mountains, increasing the beauty even more attractive. This new flower garden is located in Khun Ream commune, Banteay Srei district, Siem Reap province, just past Kbal Spean resort, and there is a plot of land on the left hand side.

Credit: Popular Magazine