Congratulations Prey Veng! Toul Poan Tali – Boeung Sneh was established by the government as a nature reserve


The Royal Government of Cambodia attaches great importance to ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the management of natural resources and biodiversity, with the recent establishment of the Tali-Boeung Sneh area, which has high social and cultural potential. And conservation as a nature reserve.

The Tali-Boeung Sneh Multipurpose Area provides a wide range of ecosystem services and natural resources that support local community development, such as:

1. It is a permanent lake with water in both the dry season and the rainy season, which provides a source of water for irrigating people’s agricultural crops and for daily use.

2. There are important fishponds that are home to many species of fish.

3. An important fishing spot for people living around the area

4. It is a place of relaxation and a historical lake that seals the supernatural Talipan Tali “

5. Supports the presence of many species of birds, including globally threatened and endangered species, which are highly valued for international conservation.

6. It is a habitat for migratory birds to find food and shelter temporarily.

7. It is the second largest spawning ground in Cambodia after Ramsar Prek Toal.

credit by popular magazine