Beautiful photography from Takeo province, Cambodia


Kampoul Pich Resort is a natural resort that is attracting a lot of tourists due to the beautiful scenery and elegant natural beauty of this resort.

Kampoul Pich Resort is located on Street 51, Trapeang Kranh Commune, Tram Kak District, Takeo Province, only 110 km from Phnom Penh.

Kampoul Pich Resort is a natural recreation area spread over many hectares of land, covered by small and large green forest, beautiful scenery and a colorful flower garden with a fragrant scent.

In addition, at the foot of the mountain and the ridge of Kampoul Pich resort, there are many kinds of fruit plantations of farmers there for sale and to support the family. Tourists can also buy natural agricultural products from the plantations there.

There is also a large natural swimming pool that allows tourists to enjoy water ducks, skateboarding and bathing. What’s more, there are bungalows to stay and waterfront for tourists to sit and order delicious food to eat.

Image source: Anajak Empire