An ancient temple in the form of a Buddha standing facing each other in the middle of the brown mountain forest, rarely visited


Chaktomuk Temple is a temple in the Bakan Temple Group (Preah Khan, Kampong Svay) in the Phnom Tnaot-Phnom Pok Wildlife Sanctuary in Ta Seng Village, Ranasir Commune, Sangkum Thmei District, Preah Vihear Province. This temple has a statue of the Buddha standing facing each other in four directions, and rarely found in other parts of Cambodia in the form of this temple. This is according to the announcement of the Ministry of Environment.

Sadly, Chaktomuk Temple has collapsed halfway through a long time ago, leaving only the waist down, and on the walls and inside there are trees and tree roots growing more and more separating the walls. Let the temple face a complete collapse. The Buddha’s head was strewn in front of the entrance and the three corners, and visitors walked upstairs.

However, the temple has been restored and restored to promote Buddhism, the state religion, and broaden cultural values. Preservation and restoration work is carried out by the Department of Protection and Preservation of Ancient Buildings of the General Department of Heritage, Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.

Credit: Popular Magazine