7 places in Koh Kong, real natural beauty, relieve worries, holidays


 Koh Kong is known as one of the coastal provinces of the Kingdom of Cambodia, which is becoming very popular due to the natural beauty of many resorts, including beaches, islands, waterfalls and mountains.

Here are 7 places in Koh Kong that have real natural beauty, if you visit and really relieve all the worries on holiday.

1. Fishing beach: This beach has clear blue sea, white sand beach under the shade of cold palm trees, a place to soak up the air and enjoy diving, located in the fishing village, Chroy Svay commune, Sre Ambel district, about 25 km (red pebbles) from The intersection of Sre Ambel from Khemarak Phoumin is about 165 km and about 170 km from Phnom Penh.


2. King Island: Koh Sdech is a natural island located in Koh Sdach village, Koh Sdach commune, Kirisakor district. Koh Sdach is located in the Gulf of Thailand, about 1.5 km from the shores of Botum Sakor National Park in Kirisakor district.

3. Giphat: Chi Phat Ecotourism Community is located in the middle of the dense forest of the Cardamom Mountains, Thmar Bang District, Koh Kong Province. You can go to that area by coming from the well of Sre Ambel district along the forest road about 17 km or It takes more than two hours to reach the area by boat along the 25-kilometer canal.

4. Tatai Waterfall: Tatai Waterfall is a resort area with fresh air and beautiful scenery located in Tatai Village, Tatai Commune, Smach Meanchey District, Koh Kong Province. About 20 km east of Koh Kong town on National Road 48.

5. Koh Kong Krao: Koh Kong Krao covers an area of about 80 km2 and an altitude of about 410 m. It is located on the vast blue sea, an island rich in natural resources, wildlife, fish, coral and biodiversity. Sand for entertainment 05 places.

6. Khnong Phsar: Phnom Khnong Phsar is located in Thmor Bang district, Koh Kong province, in the central Kravanh mountain range. It is a mountainous area surrounded by thick forest, dark green, creating a luxurious landscape.


7. Peam Krasop: The community of Peam Krasop Nature Reserve is located in Bang Kayak Village, Peam Krasop Commune, Mondul Seima District, Koh Kong Province, about 7 km from Royal Khemarak City. All international tourists can travel to this area in just 20 to 25 minutes. This is a mangrove forest area with the most attractive scenery and biodiversity.

Credit By: Popular Magazine