3 seaside resorts in Kampot are very beautiful


When it comes to rich natural tourism, we will miss Kampot first. Kampot is a province with great potential for eco-tourism, covered by forests, mountains, rivers, streams and many natural streams. This coming holiday is the best time to clear your mind and worries and bring joy back to life.


Kdard La tente is a natural tourist resort located in Kdat village, Prek Thnaot commune, Teuk Chhou district, Kampot province, on National Road 3, 20 km from Kampot town. Fans can visit and admire the beautiful scenery with the sea, watch the sunset, ride the swing, sleep in a hammock, listen to the sea, barbecue on the beach and so on.

There are bungalows and the following prices:

  • Sea front bungalow for $ 30 for 4 people.
  • Container house, bathroom, air conditioning in front of the sea, 1 room for $ 50 for 4 people.
  • Sea front tent for 2 people for $ 15.
  • Triangle house across the sea for $ 15.

In addition, tents are rented for $ 10 per night for two people and $ 15 for three people per night. In addition, WiF i is free to use at the restaurant. For more information, please contact 0965939745/016456455 .

2. Yell Sun

Yell Sun is the most natural and popular entertainment venue for couples, friends, family, only 5 km from Kampot town. There are the following bedrooms and prices:

  • Waterfront bungalow $ 15 ($ 22 double bed for 4 people)
  • Garden Bungalow $ 12 ($ 16 double bed for 4 people)
  • Triple Room $ 20, sleeps 6 people
  • One dormitory room costs $ 4.

For more information about Yellow Sun, please contact 016733311/0962594923

3. Sleuk Chak Bungalow

Sleuk Chak Bungalow is a natural place to relax and stay in Kampong Kraing village, Kampong Kreng commune, Teuk Chhou district, Kampot province, only 4 km away from the provincial town. You can watch the sunset, ride a kayak and walk around the bungalows, which are accompanied by tens of thousands of trees, barbecue and tents. Sleuk Chak Bungalows also have a natural resort that is reasonably priced for those who want to spend the night there.

  • $ 40 per bed can sleep 2 people (air conditioning and hot and cold water) by the water
  • $ 45 double room can sleep 4 people (air conditioning and hot and cold water) by the water

For more information 0962188359/095574669

Credit: Popular magazine, Kunthea Set