13 stories of Cambodia that make the world the most amazing


Cambodia is a land known to the world as a “land of wonders” with rich and intangible cultural heritage. Cambodia is a land dominated by traditional culture, from the traditions of ancient temples left by Khmer ancestors, making people all over the world admire it and want to come and see it with their own eyes. Recently, the website Trip Culture published 13 stories of Cambodia that no other country like and should visit once in a lifetime:

1. The world’s greatest ancient architecture

Angkor Wat is a symbol of Cambodia, seen on the flag, especially the largest religious architecture in the world. Angkor Wat shows the splendor of the 12th century Angkorian Empire.

2. The friendly face of the Cambodian people

Cambodians are known for their hospitality arrangements, where tourists are sure to receive a warm welcome with a smile everywhere they go. The friendly smile of the Cambodian people, said Anton Caragea, President of the European Council for Tourism and Trade, if you want to see a friendly smile. The real contact of people is to come to Cambodia.

3. Cambodia’s beautiful islands

If you come to Cambodia, you do not visit the islands in Cambodia, it is very sad. Many islands are covered with the most beautiful scenery, such as Koh Rong is a beautiful island, and nearby there is Koh Rong Samloem with powdery beaches accompanied by beautiful tropical plants.

4. Watch the lives of Cambodians and stay at the homes of people in the community

Visitors can walk and experience by relaxing in the district with the villagers and doing interesting activities such as learning Khmer cuisine, exploring in the forest, seeing the forest scenery, wildlife and wildlife.

5. Wildlife

Cambodia is also a good place for wildlife, such as Phnom Tamao Zoo, which is a center to save wildlife from doing business and take good care of them before releasing them back into the wild. .

6. Beautiful forest landscape

Cardamom Mountain is home to the largest collection of natural resources, wildlife and plants in ASEAN. Tourists can camp, paddle, kayak, bike and hike in this special tropical forest.

7. Pop culture

The vast cultural heritage is the lifeblood of the Kingdom of Wonder. Visitors can learn about Khmer culture by watching Apsara dance, traditional songs that are described in detail on stage, can give visitors the opportunity to feel the excitement of each scene.

8. Glorious Khmer history

The glory of the Angkorian Empire is still the pride of the Khmer nation. In addition, just a detailed study tour of the king and activities on the walls of the temple during the transition from Brahmanism to Buddhism can also make tourists feel excited.

9. Amazing paintings by Khmer artists

Scenery paintings are becoming popular to attract tourists through the masterpieces of artists in some areas such as Siem Reap, Battambang and so on.

10. Shopping in the Central Market special markets has a very unique style

Markets in Cambodia are always open in the early morning to welcome guests to buy fresh food. In addition, for other goods, you can also bargain when asking the price.

11. Rich National Day

The Cambodian calendar has the largest number of holidays and celebrations from all over the country, such as the Khmer New Year and the Pchum Ben Water Festival.

12. Delicious Khmer food

Many Khmer dishes are always waiting to receive guests with authentic Khmer flavors, such as Amok Dok Lak, Beef, Crab, Pepper, Kampot, etc., which are the most popular. In particular, insects such as crickets, spiders, scorpions, fried snails, which are sold on many streets, should be tried.

13. Landscape with fresh air

The green fields or the visit in the forest all make tourists feel refreshed and breathe easily with the fresh air.

Credit: Popular Magazine